Just Burning is a rock/hard-rock band formed in March 2006. At the moment they are recording their second demo tape. The first one was a demo of cover songs: Enter Sandman, Motori, Don´t Cry and Caroline.
The earlier members of the band were Alan Potocnjak (Vocals), Jernej Bufon (Guitar), Aleks Jevnikar (Bass Guitar) and Alex Vescovi (Drums). It took them about 6 months of rehearsals to get ready for their first concert, at Oxis, a pub in Križ (TS). After this dèbut the band had two more concerts, but unfortunately the singer Alan Potocnjak left the band, because contacted by the Heat (a quite popular band in Slovenia). The other members started looking for a new singer, and found Marco Gallone from Triest. After another long year of rehearsals and troubles with all the organization the band got finally a concert with their new singer, at Guinness Pound in Borgo Grotta (TS). After a month the singer has left the band. In summer 2008 the band, successfully and with satisfaction, found a new singer, Marco Slavec. Shortly after they had six gigs and two interviews: one on Vitel TV, and one on Radio Trst A during the progamme "Mladi Val". The band is now writing new songs all by themselves, songs that will be released soon. The band, in fact, is going to register this new demo tape.
In february 2011 Matej Husu (Guitar) join the band.